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Better Self Medication

Technology driven improvement for treatment of slight health disorders

Our Vision

Health enhancement with lower Risks and sustainable technologies

OTC.nxt increases medical and drug safety for consumers by innovative pharmaceutical re-formulations. In this way, OTC.nxt improves self-medication. This is done using state-of-the-art technologies.

What we do

What is OTC.nxt?

OTC.nxt develops innovative re-formulated drugs and supplements with additional medical benefit and USP. Our OTC Products are superior in pharmaceutical technology and patient´s benefit, translating in significant contribution for safer and better drugs for self-medication.

The Technology

OTC.nxt improves API solubility and rate of solution by using cutting edge nanotechnology which bases on precipitation of API-specific nanoparticles without toxic solvents.

  • All pharmaceutical application forms possible (e.g. oral, soluble tablets, patches)
  • No scale up from lab to commercial necessary
  • No capacity limitation
  • Small and mobile unit can be integrated in GMP production facilities
  • Broad range of APIs suitable with the same technology
  • No toxic solvents necessary – clean meds
  • Lower cost of goods

Less limitations, highly productive, safer, cleaner.

Clean Meds

In order to avoid allergic reactions, there is an increasing demand for drugs without animal- based ingredients. Drugs in which additives are avoided or reduced meet people's growing desire for natural and pure products. Clean meds are becoming a new sub-category in the pharmaceutical market.

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The Problem

More than 60% of all drugs available for self-medication are poorly soluble in water what makes them less bioavailable. The lack on solubility leads to 
  •  transient API level in blood plasma – intra- and interpatient variability
  • food effects – bioavailability is highly dependent on ingestion
  • loss of therapeutic efficacy
These challenges require higher drug dosage what leads to exacerbation of side effects and may cause dose dumping phenomenon.

Cutting edge technology

Our Solution

Using smaller API particles lead to increasing solubility, solution rate and bioavailability – size matters.

By using cutting edge nanotechnologies OTC.nxt solves the problem of more than 60% of existing drugs – the lack of solubility and bioavailability. In addition, the applied technologies do not require toxic solvents, allergens, or animal-based ingredients.

OTC.nxt re-formulated drugs generate added value by 
  • improving drug solubility and rate of solution
  • increasing bioavailability
  • elimination of food effect
  • higher efficacy within the lowest drug dosage
  • improving side effect profile
  • reduction of risks caused by unguided self-medication
  • new pharmaceutical forms
  • improve user-friendliness
  • clean meds 

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OTC.nxt operates within an efficient professional network of all relevant suppliers like API suppliers, CROs, CMDOs and GMP service providers in all phases of preclinical and clinical development up do FDA and EMA approval.

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